Here I am...

For those of you that like to stir the pot and lick the spoon. For those that desire a deep dive into the chaos and stardust of soul truths. You have found me.


I am a visual artist with the heartbeat of a literary alchemist. I believe whole heartedly in the human story of a soul experience. Born with a deep desire to awaken the warrior woman within and an insastiable appetite for storytelling ~

I weave words and art from the iron, rust and grit of soul work. All that I have to offer to this world comes from my own wounds and the ways in which I transmute the pain into power. Professionally speaking, my collection of certificates in early childhood development, psychology, correctional law and social work are simply stick pins marking the roadmap to my own soul medicine.

It is obvious to me now that I desired to witness and walk with others as they trudged through darkness to find the light. To collect the potent wisdom from both my own personal human experience and others so that I could be prepared for what came next.

Your story.

The one that holds the medicine that we are waiting for.