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Rage on the page. Plans to take over the world. Shit that chapped your ass. Doodles. Letter's you won't send but maybe should.

It can be an art journal. Bitch journal. Self - Care.

Whatever it is that you got going on - here is perfectly imperfect place to lay it all down.

What to expect when you order a custom made journal?

Hot mess is our brand - baby. We kind feel like journals are a great place to showcase the crazy chaos of the human story. Your story.

Each journal will be bound differently - some will have coils, some will be hand stitched/sewn. We often upcycle books and other goodies to build each journal with.

Pages: 30-50 (20-25 pages double sided)

Within the pages you will find up to 10-12 Stoyko Mixed Media creations - for inspiration or shits & giggles.

When you purchase one of our journals - you are always welcome to reach out to us on our social media for tips and tricks to create an art journal.

It makes a perfect gift for a variety of people. Those that meditate and
manifest, those that just need a place to vent about the shit that
chapped their ass, teens that are hard to buy for but love
alternative/whimsical things.....

*Our collage packs are a perfect add on for those wishing to have prompts or starter art to "break the page" with.

** Feel free to send us a special note regarding who this is for.

Example: This journal is for me. I love skulls and alternative style art. The funkier the better. Cuss words highly encouraged.

Example 2: I am buying this for my 17 year old daughter who is leaving for college. I would like this to be a fun journal that inspires and encourages her to be her own person and dream big. No swearing please.

Example 3: I would like this journal to be a bitch book of epic tales. I would love art with a rocking female vibe. Cussy and crazy included.

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