Soul Truth Coaching Sessions 1:1

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Art Journaling through Shadow Work – is a powerful catalyst in your spiritual awakening or reawakening to your soul truth. Your power will be reclaimed throughout the pages – as you dig into and create using your raw feminine magic.

The Catalyst Sessions: Using our exclusive Ransom Note Women Soul Deck we work in the shadows; stripping back the layers while illuminating the wounds with the power that comes from being seen, felt and alchemized with reverence.

  • 8 week journey in a private coaching container. In person and Online spots are available.
  • Every week, for 1.5-hour sessions, we meet up to unearth the next layer of your journey via the messages that come through while we explore the soul deck.
  • Each session includes deepening and expanding your search within through readings, expressive art challenges and journaling.
  • You are gifted my Soul Truth Deck with this program.
  • Total Investment: $444.00

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