The Crew Clothing Line

Wearable art with a twist.

Each item is rescued from thrift shops in order to keep them out of landfills.

Many of our days are spent sourcing just the right item from a variety of consignment stores.

Once we find a gem - we look them over them for imperfections or stains and then bring 'em home.

Wash and dry time. Because that makes sense, no?

Now they are ready design time.

Our designs are exclusive to our brand and are often thought up at 3am.

Each item is hand/screen printed with our signature screen printing inks/paints/dyes.

They get bleach distressed if the vibe is right.
Then they are cured for 24 hours. Heat pressed.
Washed and dried three times to ensure fading is set.
The prices reflect the cost of materials, custom designs/artist creative mojo and curing.
Thank you for your support and love.