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Alice, our favorite OG - that follows her curiosity, plays by her own rules and knows that is better to ask for forgiveness than permission. Well, to be honest - Alice rarely asks for forgiveness either. All the respect to the tales of Alice - and her insatiable appetite for adventures.

Trippy Alice: is a print from Jenna's private art journal. An inky page inspired by "Dali Alice" vibes. The Raven, perched on the mushroom - doodles and watercolor. Alice has her stretched neck - leveling up to the next adventure.

What's the message? The Raven (A spirit animal that signifies a transformation is on the horizon. This beauty of a bird calls to you to be open to the possibilities coming your way) If you feel stuck - stretch (much like Alice with her neck) yourself into new experiences. The color choices are a mix of warm and cool - inky pools and drips - showcase the emotions and vibe of new adventures. Be open ladies. Bravely, shift your gaze change (like the two different Alice eyes) as grow and unleash your spiritual bad ass feminine power.

Every item is designed, print and packaged by Stoyko Mixed Media.

All of our prints are limited editions and will be numbered. We do not print every design we do - however we love to share our art at affordable prices in addition to our other mixed media pieces.

*PRINT ONLY (frame and other items not included).

Every print goes all the way to the edge with NO white border

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Packed in a rigid white board envelope
Items will be shipped within 2-3 working days of order

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